Anti-lice Preventive Elastic

Λαστιχάκια για τις ψείρες
Λαστιχάκια για τις ψείρες Λαστιχάκια για τις ψείρες Λαστιχάκια για τις ψείρες
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An essential accessory in the prevention of lice, the elastic band naturally keeps lice at bay. it diffuses in continuous mode microencapsulated natural active ingredients known for their anti-parasitic and repellent properties. One elastic band provides effective protection for 14 days. Its timeless and discreet look is suitable for children, teenagers and moms.

The elastic bands have been tested in vitro in the laboratory*, the result of the tests confirms 95% effectiveness.

Its formula is 100% natural.

Ingredients: Rosemary, tea tree, peppermint, Ceylan lemongrass, lavender, fennel oil. German chamomile flower, officinal sage leaf extracts.

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