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Bring the world of numbers to life with our Magnetic Tile Topper - Numeracy Pack.

Our Numeracy Pack is designed to make learning maths engaging and enjoyable. By combining education with hands-on play, we've created a tool that builds a strong foundation in numeracy skills while sparking curiosity and a love for numeracy and counting.

As your child arranges numbers and symbols to solve maths problems or create equations, they enhance their fine motor skills, cognitive development, and problem-solving abilities. This interactive approach to numeracy makes learning enjoyable.

The 40 piece set includes:

  • Numerals 0-9
  • Matching number words
  • Mathematical operations
  • Number sequencing symbols
  • Blank erasable squares

Our new Magnetic Tile Toppers are compatible with all major magnetic tile brands.

Learn & Grow Magnetic Tiles have been designed to encourage imagination and inspire open-ended play.
Magnetic tiles provide children with open-ended experiences where the only limitation is their imagination. 

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