Swim Diaper Dots

Πρακτικό μαγιό με πάνα και UV προστασία για κορίτσια
set magio kapelo mplouza magio kai mplouzes me UV prostasia7
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The reusable LASSIG swim not only looks stylish, it also keeps children’s skin dry and retains any bigger mishaps in the water. High-quality materials and the perfect fit ensure the diaper is comfortable to wear.

The integrated and patented moisture-absorbent lining and padding system ensures children’s skin stays as dry as possible on land. Moisture is trapped in the inner lining and transported outside over a large area. Bigger mishaps are held in and the diaper can be washed at 30° on a gentle cycle after swimming.

LASSIG swim diapers are an environmentally-friendly and stylish alternative to disposable swim diapers. They come in lovely designs and with an inner material made of recycled polyester.


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